This project comes at a price.

My boys are growing up and it’s time for me to face it (sniff).

I know it sounds a bit dramatic but Jared and I have struggled each time we finally decided it was time to move a ‘baby’ from our room. But Luke is literally out growing the mini crib set up next to our bed & Jack is ready for a big boy toddler bed.  Dangit. Nothing stays the same does it?

The good news is, the boys room was desperate for a face lift. I almost chose not to make this a before/after post because the before is so pitiful looking.  Poor Jack, his room was in need of some serious TLC.


It’s not that there isn’t a lot of cute ‘stuff’ in the room but it’s just…lacking.  I admit I was waiting to put more into it until I was ready to move Luke in.

First things first.  Remember this bed from Grace’s room?

I needed to turn it into something for my handsome little fella.  I saw this headboard on Pinterest:

and swooned. Then I clicked on the link and gasped.  Oh, only $700?  Oh sure.


So I set out to replicate it.  I started out by painting the frame of the bed then I went to Jo-Ann’s with every confidence that I would find a cowhide pattern. I circled the store at least three times, meanwhile added a bunch of cr*p to my cart that I shouldn’t have definitely needed but nope – nothing.  So I shifted gears and here’s the result.

If I had to guess (I’m too lazy to go look for the receipt right now) I think all the materials cost me about $20

With some rearranging, the crib and the bed fit no problem.

The leather rocking chair was a score from Craigs List

No traditional piggy banks here…Jack keeps his money in his ‘hat’

Who takes pictures of pictures?  Me.

Yep those are my boys.

There’s another Pinspiration in there that I’ll post next week…can you spy it?

Thrifty Decor Chick