I’ve written once or twice before on the topic of ‘perspective’.  I think it’s because it plays such a crucial role in our lives right now.  Without it we could SO EASILY wallow in all that makes life difficult for us.

  • Jared’s losing his vision to RP
  • Therefore he can’t drive any more
  • He was recently laid off
  • We can’t afford a housekeeper
Okay the last one is just a joke (sort of).  Pretty heavy…scary and wow a whole bunch of other words that conjure up negative emotions.  It’s easy to drown in it all.  But when we step back, take a deep breath and look again we realize how every heartache and challenge has a purpose.  So let’s try again:
  • I am convinced without a doubt that as Jared loses his vision God is making it clearer what a real man is, and Jared is becoming that man
  • Being laid off is never a good feeling.  Finding a job when you can’t drive sucks too.  But we decided this was the kick in the proverbial butt that we needed to change our life, follow our dream and start a company so he could work from home.
  • Starting a business is hard.  Even harder is working from home with 3 young children (we like to call it ‘Crazytown’).  But let’s be honest, the perks are AWESOME.  For example, last Thursday the natives in this house were restless.  Jared suggested a picnic at the zoo and voila – best lunch break ever.

Chasing Daddy around and then time for our picnic!

Heeeeeere hippo hippo!

What’s the zoo without a little treat?

Oh and look…we found Luke’s hair twin!

I  know without a doubt that our challenges are not just ‘bad luck’.  That in fact it’s how God brings us to the point where we have to choose to either sit in self-pity or find the courage to finally achieve our dreams.

What are your challenges and how has changing your perspective helped you?