Here are just a few that I love, please feel free to suggest your own!

Matthews/Winters Park

Located in Golden

foothills, creek, big trees, tall grass, easy access

Meyer Ranch

Located in Morrison

foothills, tall grass, aspens, evergreens, short but steep hill to access

Mt Falcon (West)

Located in Indian Hills

dramatic views, rock outcroppings, evergreens, tall grass

Standley Lake

Located in Westminster

lake with small beach, fields of tall grass, mature trees

Daniels Gate Park

Located in Castle Pines

sweeping views, rock outcroppings, scrub oak, mature trees, fence

Dawson’s Butte

Located in Castle Rock

rolling hills, evergreens, mature trees, fields

17 Mile House Farm Park

Located in Centennial

red barn, white house, tall grass, mature trees, fields

City Park

Located in Denver

pavillion, pond, evergreens, stairs, view of downtown


Located in Denver

grafitti walls, industrial buildings, exposed brick, unique architecture


Located…at home!

completely unique, relaxed, authentic and everyday

You tell me…

Have a special location in mind not listed here? I’m game!

Examples (clockwise from top left)

  • Niko was a pilot, we did his shoot at the airport where he learned to fly
  • Dorothy wanted her shoot at her family’s property in the mountains
  • Ean majored in stagecraft so we did his shoot where he built sets
  • Helen worked at the Butterfly Pavilion and wanted her shoot there


Keep in mind…

Location may look different depending on the time of year as well how well the sun is cooperating! With few exceptions, all outdoor shoots will take place in the hour before sunset (called ‘golden hour’). This ensures the most beautiful light, no harsh shadows or squinting. You’ll thank me!

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