About ME


I’m a Denver Area photographer specializing in all stages of family life. My style encourages motion and emotion in order to get the most authentic and beautiful images of you being you. My clients are looking for the art of the everyday.

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My Why

This is my gang.

We are Jared, Jennifer, Grace, Jack, Luke and Levi. We are loud and precious and beautiful and oh so messy. My husband and I are both small business owners working from home and it’s nothing short of madness at least 90% of the time. Oh, and one set of my parents live with us…it’s cozy up in here.

Things I don’t want to forget from where we are right now:

The way my littlest says ‘I wanna hold you’ as he reaches his arms up to me.  

The way my middle boy, an empath, prays at night like he’s having a conversation with his best friend.

The way my oldest son, the logical one, holds his mouth off to the side when he gets emotional.

The way my daughter is never bored because she does things like make stress balls (and a mess out of my kitchen) with balloons and corn starch.

The way my husband, who is legally blind, plays pop the popcorn on the trampoline with the kids.

What do YOU want to remember? 


Building Memories

I am fortunate that what I work for is the same as what I live for

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