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Josh and Leah – Engagement

No better way to come back from a ‘maternity leave’ than to jump right in and photograph a wedding. I am so excited to photograph Josh and Leah tomorrow as they take their own plunge and say ‘I do’. As I sit here trying to cool off on this near 90 degree day it’s hard to remember how cold it was the day that we did their engagement shoot!

I mean COLD. When I scouted the location the day before it was about 5 degrees. I was actually a little worried about pulling it off. But the sun was kind enough to warm up to a balmy 25 degrees for us and let me tell you, it made all the difference.

Just enough to encourage lots of cuddling.







These two are so sweet.




The best clients are the ones that pretty much ignore me and just be…




So beautiful.



This wedding is going to be FUN!



Can’t wait guys!  See you tomorrow…xoxo


Lord, Protect My Child

I was going to do this self portrait session yesterday, but I didn’t feel good. I was utterly exhausted and had zero motivation.  I just felt…yuck.

Last week I found out this baby boy was breech.


And I’ve been in a funk ever since. I know it’s not devastating news, but anything at all that could potentially get in the way of a safe delivery is not what a hyper-hormonal 37 week pregnant momma wants to hear. And then there was the potential of a c-section that I wanted nothing to do with. I had just been talking about how excited I was to go into labor…and it felt like that was rudely yanked away from me and baby boy.

I needed to decide if I wanted to have a ‘version’ (where your Dr. tries to turn the baby from the outside). I’ve heard everything from ‘it’s uncomfortable’ to ‘it’s excruciating’ and admittedly I wasn’t too keen on finding out which side of the fence I would fall on.

Over and over Susan Tedeschi’s song ‘Lord, Protect My Child’ started playing in my head. After all, at the end of the day all I care about is that this child is safe and healthy…something that is so frustratingly out of my control. So I just kept praying for God to protect this child. And I prayed…that he would take this decision out of my hands.


I wound up scheduling the procedure. I visited a chiropractor certified in the Webster technique. I elevated my hips (only once…my heartburn and nausea was too powerful). I checked into the hospital this morning feeling fairly calm, trying not to focus on anything other than the best outcome.

In walked two of the cheeriest, funniest women ready to take care of me.

‘Alright I’m gonna do your ultrasound before anything else because I’m on a roll…the past three babies I checked all presented vertex’ (head down).

I perked up, they were bringing some good mojo I could feel it. They gooped up my belly and started to search for his head. Within seconds she moved the wand down low and…

“Head down!”

He had flipped on his own. What a very, very good boy.


I nearly burst into happy, relieved tears.

I realized as the day went on that while my heartburn had subsided, my waddling had accentuated. But for real ya’ll, waddling beats heartburn any day of the week. I felt rejuvenated and decided today was the day for my maternity self portrait session.

Luke helped me make sure my setting were right.

And with my trusty remote app on my phone connected to my Canon 6D I snapped away.


This little guy popped in for a couple…


Goodness he melts me.



Just 3 more weeks to go…



Can’t wait to meet you sweet boy.




Adventures in Family Photography

I can’t emphasize enough how much I love to photograph young families. Small children are just plain awesome, whether they love me or not they certainly keep me on my toes! One might say it’s even exhilarating.

This gorgeous family was no exception.  These kids were bundles of energy and I loved capturing their zeal.



Lifestyle photography is far from perfect. Instead you get the real deal…the silly faces, the personality, the authentic memory.


And of course the true spirit.


Not to say that a good portrait doesn’t hold it’s value. Doesn’t her beauty catch your breath?


These two…goofballs.



Can a photographer get any luckier than with a stylish family like this?




Picture perfect.



Aaaaaaand back to living the adventure…(yes, he is a monkey in a tree and no it was not my idea – safety disclaimer




Never lose your love of life little ones…

Lucky Number 7 (Grace turns 7)

I’m pretty sure we captured her first heartbreak on video.

We did a gender reveal with the kids and Grace bit into her cupcake first.

“Aww” she said with a disappointed swing in her voice.

And we knew it was a boy.

We all laughed and chattered in bewilderment at yet another boy roommate. She had been giggling out of nervousness but when I looked over again she could no longer keep the corners of her mouth up. It fell, hard…and the tears welled up in her eyes.

She had wanted a baby sister so badly.

I turned off the camera and Jared pulled her into his arms. She began to sob and just couldn’t stop. He took her in the other room and a few minutes later I went in to check on them.

“You know what sweetheart” I whispered to her,  “we all would have loved for this baby to be a girl. But you know what it means that it’s a boy? It means that you are our one and only. You are our special girl.”

And I’m telling you that I meant it with every fiber of my being.

She’s one in a million. She can be shy but she’s the oldest sibling so she’s also a natural born leader.

She’s giving…of her love, her hugs, her smiles, her treats and sweets and toys.



Nature girl. With bows in her hair and painted nails she’ll make habitats for stuffed animals out of grass and mud and water.



 Music lover. Hates when I make her practice but once she gets a song down she wants to play it over and over and over…


Sometimes the energy is overwhelming and out of control…like bedtime. And often it’s plain hard and I feel like she’s lost in her head somewhere and my voice is drown out. But sometimes the energy is beautiful and infectious.


 She is my only daughter. And my heart literally stops sometimes when I look at her.

Holes in her tights, a lose tooth she refuses to pull, rubber bands on her wrists that she stole from me.


Head in the clouds.


xoxo my sweet, sweet girl.



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