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The Many Faces of Sophie

Oh this girl.


She happens to be my niece so I’m not biased or anything. But seriously, she’s the cutest little 6 month old on the planet…surely.

Just try to argue it.


Those expressions!

Can I get outta here yet Auntie?


I do feel sorry for her though because her parents just neglect her so.




I almost stole borrowed her from them.

But alas, she kinda likes her digs.



No shortage of friends.


Even the sad moments are cute, and they don’t seem to last too long.




Soon it was time to change into the next outfit.






And oh, how lovely she looked.


She’s full of stories already.


Remember being that flexible? Yeah, me neither.



Such a lady


And well, story time and stuffed animals aren’t exactly normal when Daddy has a law degree and Mommy is a surgeon.


That would be a stuffed Gall Bladder she’s teething on there…yep.


Oh Miss Sophie, can’t wait to squeeze you again.











The Wildest Photo Shoot I’ve Ever Done

It all started with Girl Scout cookies.

Grace’s troop sold the heck out of them so they earned some money.  We all voted and decided to donate to the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Keenesburg, CO.  They let our girls visit for free and the rest of our families tagged along.

Of course I lugged my camera with me…I’ve been itching to take pictures of animals and the squirrels that raid my trash can out front just don’t seem to appeal to me. So, as we walked through the sanctuary (720 acres of rolling grassland) and heard the stories of these beautiful animals I took advantage and got my shots.

Enjoy, and consider visiting them yourself, it’s an incredible organization and well worth your time.

These striking beauties are in a round house getting used to the facility before they are released into one of the habitats




The black bears were hiding for awhile but quite a few of them soon came out to play…





and frolick



We stopped for lunch in a pavillion where the lions can come inside just below you. At one point they started ‘roaring’ and like a little kid I ran to the railing to watch them have a conversation that rattled my bones and quickened my heart.


Doesn’t this one look so sweet?


When we first got there these two were faaaaaaar away. On the way back they decided to scoot in for a little close-up.






No better way to end the day than with a sweet grizzly (I’m sure it’s sweet right?) that we could see right from our car.




Do you think I could get a bear hug?


Okay never mind.


Here’s the site where you can learn more!

Thanks to everyone who gobbled up the girl scout cookies…your $$ was well spent helping to give these animals a better life


It Takes A Village

It was a little over a month ago.  I had been on a business trip for 5 days and was missing my babies and husband, lots.

I boarded my flight and settled into my window seat for what I anticipated would be a very productive 4 hour flight from Orlando to Denver editing photos. As the plane slowly filled to capacity I wondered with short-lived anticipation if the middle seat would actually remain empty.


I saw her struggling to maneuver the small aisle with her bag and wiggly little boy.  He looked about 18+ months old and I knew that he was about to be my neighbor for the afternoon.

She sat down and immediately I wondered how this was going to play out.  She was um…’curvaceous’ and once he was on her lap his face was inches away from the seat in front of him.  Immediately he began fidgeting with the tray table and each time she pulled his hand away he became more determined and vocal.

Not good, I thought. We hadn’t even taken off yet.

She began to try to talk him into a nap which he clearly had no intentions of. My heart started to beat a little faster. My lofty goals of having an accomplished workday were left on the runway as we lifted into the air.

And then he looked at me. And I melted a bit.



I made small talk with her and told her about my 3 kids. I wanted her to know I was a mom, a kindred spirit. That I felt for her situation. The more I thought about it the more convicted I was to make her feel incredibly welcome sitting right next to me. Not judged.

I’m not sure if he sensed how badly I was missing my own babies, or if he just figured out I that my lap was the better real estate between the two of us but before I knew it he crawled right over onto my lap.

And he stayed there.

The whole flight.

When he stood on my legs and started patting the mans head in front of me I gently but firmly told him no.

When he played with the window (up and down up and down up and down) I let him.

When he started to get wiggly I played the little tickle game that I play with Luke and he loved it…just like Luke.

As he started to fidget from exhaustion I sang quietly to him and before I knew it he was asleep.


And so was his momma.

Later I found out this was only the first of two flights for her. Turns out she was with her sister and nephew (who were in the front of the plane) and they were headed to California to one of the amusement parks. After surviving a rare and deadly cancer, it was her 4 year old nephew’s ‘Make A Wish’ to go there and bring his little cousin with him.

You just never know who’s sitting next to you.

I believe it takes a village to raise a child. So on this Mothers Day, I just want to say thank you to my village.

And I wish the best of luck to my sweet little buddy and his family. It was such a pleasure to be a part of your journey even if for a short 4 hour flight.

Jack Dillon, 4

This boy.


We are abundantly aware of how blessed we are that we get to raise him. He’s confident, he’s loving, he’s awesome.

He loves life…lives it well…


and looks cool while doing it.




Happy Birthday sweet boy.


We’re so proud of you young man.



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