Luke’s birthday fell on Wednesday this year. Not the most fun day of the week and for our family it’s typically one of the busiest.  While I have every intention of going all out for the big party in a couple of weeks (we’re combining his party with Grace’s) I couldn’t let the day slip by without a small, memorable family celebration.

So Grandma and Papa, Daddy, Jack and Grace all gathered around the table as I presented Luke with his birthday dinner

Needless to say, he was excited

After we sang, Sister helped him blow out the candle


Here we go

And literally folks, I’m not sure he took a breath for the next 20 minutes….

I love this idea for a little one’s celebration. I used the South Beach recipe and even threw in some blueberries so they were (fairly) healthy! I’ve been making these for years for Jared because they’re gluten free (I use gluten free oatmeal).  They’re SO GOOD!

Clearly, Luke agrees.


 And that’s how it’s done.