You could almost say that I’m cheating a little bit this year on my New Year’s Resolution because I’ve never been this excited about accomplishing a goal that I’ve set for myself.  In a nutshell:

I’m taking my photography to the next level.

There’s a lot behind it (including a new and improved website on the way) and I’ll keep the boring details to myself but I do have something I want to share.  In order to challenge myself to stick to it I’ve committed to a 52 week project hosted by My Four Hens Photography.  Each week she posts a theme, this past week was time.

So here’s my first of 52 weeks of photos…

I have been struck the past couple of weeks at how much Luke has grown…he will be 1 this week.

Time…it has flown by

If you decide to take the 52 week challenge with me or if you’re already on the bandwagon let me know, I would love to follow you!