To my husband:

7 years today.

I thought I would share 7 reasons why I love you so dearly, accompanied by a few photos of our last 7 years.

#1 You married me twice, within 3 weeks. And despite our luck with hurricanes, we share the fantasy of moving to a ‘remote’ tropical island. *sigh*

11.12.05 (wedding #2!)

#2 You say grace before every meal.  No matter where, no matter when, no matter what.

(1st Anniversary – 11.06 Durango)

(New England Babymoon 09.07 – pregnant with Grace)

(and then we were 3)

(gonna be a big sister)

#3 Our daughter will grow up knowing how she should be treated.  Our sons will know what a real man is.

(Cabo 12.09 – pregnant with Jack)

(Jack 1 day old, Grace 2)

#4 You are slow to anger, quick to forgive and easy to love. And well, babe you look good.

(Aruba 09.10)

#5 Through growing and giving birth to 3 babies, sheer and constant exhaustion and my fair share of bad hair days, there has never once been a time when you did not make me feel beautiful.

(Baby Luke 1.9.12)

 #6 Together, we make beautiful things

 #7 We have been blessed to travel to some amazing places and undoubtedly will see more, but we’ve made this amazing home with these beautiful children and really, there’s nowhere I would rather be than here with you.

(Okay maybe an occasional date night out is necessary – 7th Anniversary in Denver)

I love you honey.  Happy Anniversary.