When my sis asked me to photograph her family for her Christmas card I nervously but without hesitation said yes!  Here’s a few reasons I had so much fun…

Reason #1

Seriously, how handsome is this guy?

And he’s cool, like a ninja.


Reason #2

The look I got from this one when I pulled the cheesy photographer move and said ‘say Justin Bieber!”

No Aunt Jen.”

What a beauty.

Reason #3

She wouldn’t look at the camera and smile to save her life.  And I loved it.

These girls know how to live it up

 Then there’s this one.  Reason #4

The bluest eyes.

Contrasted by the fieriest personality!

Reason #5

A rare moment here folks.

Reason #6

Fur babies.

Reason #7

The two who started it all. The picture does not lie, they really are that fun.


love you guys.