After swallowing a few lumps in my throat, closing my eyes and walking right through the nerves I’m finally ready to announce that this Spring, I will be launching my photography business: Jennifer Faris Photography.

photographyannouncement-1 copy

(big exhale)

I made the decision right around Christmas time, and it came as even a surprise to me.  My love of photography is no secret but I never intended to make a business out of it.  I only wanted to learn and grow for me.  But the more I learn, the more I *love*.  And as the ‘mommy fog’ of growing and nursing 3 babies in 5 years begins to lift I find myself insatiable with all things photography.

So here we go!

Here’s a few things that you might be asking:

Don’t you already own a small business?  Yep.  The Cupcake Tower is still going strong!

Why are you waiting until Spring?  As a current small business owner I know how important it is to have all of your ‘ducks in a row’ before opening your doors (so to speak).  It’s important to me to not only produce high quality images that you love but also to be regarded as a business professional.  I have a nice long checklist I am working in order to make sure that happens (i.e. website, legalities, etc)

What kind of photography will you be doing?  I titled this post ‘A New Kind of Storytelling’ because that is exactly where I find the most value in my photography – telling a story.  Some call it ‘Lifestyle Photography’, some ‘Photojournalistic’ but at the end of the day when you look at my photographs I want them to evoke emotion.  You’ll be seeing samples of my work coming up as I have wrangled up some victims friends and family who are allowing me to build my portfolios with their gorgeous mugs.

What qualifies you to be a photographer?  My very brave answer is: The same thing that qualifies any photographer, that someone looks at my work and says “That’s what I want“.  Beyond that, I have worked my tooshie off to become a skilled photographer.

What about your blog?  My blog will be more important than ever.  Without it (and  bunch of prayer) I likely wouldn’t have ever made this decision.  I would say that since last summer I have learned A LOT about what I want to say and really what I’m good at saying.  For example, if I have some out of this world recipe to share I suppose I might blog about it but for the most part, I will be leaving food blogging to the bajillion others out there who are way better at it than me (although ironically, this recipe has driven the most traffic to my blog from Pinterest, go figure).  I need to focus on what means the most and that is telling our unique story and leaving a journal for my kids to look back on.  That being said, I will still be blogging on a personal level, now you will just see some more photography as well.

How can I help you?  That’s so nice of you to ask (wink)!  You can:

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If nothing else – say a prayer for Jared and I as we both grow our family and our businesses from home – thank you

More details (and photos) to come…