I’ve been faithful to my ‘Project 52’ but it’s been awhile since I’ve featured one of photos here on the site. This week however, I just had to share because I made a fun little .gif to companion my photo submission.  The theme was ‘After 5pm’.

Last night I was trying to eek out just a few more minutes of work before turning my full attention to the family. Luke was wearing thin, when that boy’s belly is empty he ain’t happy.  I heard him digging through the pantry and when I finally looked over I grabbed my camera because this is what I saw:


It epitomizes what it’s like after 5 pm in our house these days.  It’s hot so the kids are half dressed (or in this case not dressed).  The house is a mess, everyone’s hungry…including the dog apparently.

I laughed, picked up the bag and put it away but he came back for more.  What can I say, little dude was hungry.


Have a nice day 🙂