Jack wakes up

Jack throws up

I pray that Grace doesn’t wake up…and throw up

Prayer answered

Grace gets ready without a hitch (*small miracle*)

Grab my ‘front step 1st day of school’ photo

1stday-kindergarten-9Pile the whole family in the car (including pukey) to take Grace to the bus stop

Snap a pic of Grace and her buddy (and our neighbor)


Snap a pic of Grace and her proud Papa


Wait for the bus

and wait

and wait

Bus arrives 15 minutes late…sigh


Yes I was THAT mom that got on the bus so I could get one last shot


Chase the bus to school

Watch her walk off the bus hand in hand with her buddy

Take her into her class

Watch the infamously awesome Miss Eileen in action

1stday-kindergarten-5Pledge allegiance

1stday-kindergarten-6Off they go for a tour of the school – without even a glance back

1stday-kindergarten-7And just like that, my baby girl is a Kindergartner