We had the MOST fun summer. We traveled, played, did camps, played, relaxed, played…

But there DOES come a point when the walls seem to start closing in and suddenly everyone’s over everyone and for us that literally happens the week before school starts. We were ready. Back to school baby.

I neglected to post last year’s tradition pics so I did a little side by side on some of these. Holy moly it tears me up to see how much they’ve changed in just one short year. Their baby faces are all getting so dang mature.


It’s a big year as this guy starts kindergarten. You’d think that being my third I’d be used to it but as we walked into his first day and his teacher handed out the sweetest little gift bags with a note promising to do her best to be my “child’s guide in learning and exploring all that this world has to offer” I could do nothing to stop the tears from springing to my eyes. He bravely walked into his classroom and gave me a half wave as I walked out.

The second day, he gave a ‘thumbs sideways’ and told us it was because he was homesick. He later described it as feeling like his heart was missing (cue my own heart jumping into my throat). So that night he said a bold prayer asking that he wouldn’t feel homesick the next day. This morning before school as he complained of a stomach ache (anxiety), I told him “be brave, be kind and have fun”.

The after school verdict? Two thumbs up and a big ol smile.

Then there’s this guy…no words necessary.

Happy back to school 2017!!!