This last Pinspiration came somewhat out of the blue.  I found this quote and felt it worthy of this last post, and I want to sear it into my brain:

I don’t want my children to be what I want them to be.  I want them to become everything God created them to be.”  -Jon Gordon

I don’t remember when it was exactly that I conceded to Grace’s style.  Having a little girl I had the typical vision that I would be choosing her outfits everyday, perhaps going overboard on filling her closet with cute, trendy, girlie items.  Well that went out the window pretty quickly. She has a mind of her own that girl, and it does not agree with me about what she should wear each day.

But I’ve come to love this about her.  She’s brave, she’s certainly not mainstream and she truly doesn’t care what anyone thinks about what she’s wearing. I could learn a lesson from her.

I get that picking clothes seems superficial, but if I learn now that it’s my job just to provide boundaries for her rather than try to shape her into who I think she should be, the sooner I will realize how much more amazing she is without my shortsightedness. God has much bigger plans for her than I can even imagine.

So how does Halloween play into this?  I was the helping Mom in her preschool today and we went around the room so each kid could say what they were going to dress up as. Every other girl was going to be a princess or mermaid or fairy of some sorts.

Grace on the other hand, a little penguin.

 I thought well, maybe I could have a family of penguins and dress the boys up too.  But at one point I realized Jack just might be old enough to choose what he wants to be this year.  I was right.  So here’s our little bear.

Why not complete the little zoo we had going on?  Luke can follow in his brothers footsteps and be a Bee for his first Halloween (I think a couple of cousins wore this one too!)

The first house – action shot

These two could not be more different.  Grace ran to each house eagerly while Jack just trotted along.  She could have run circles around our little bear.  And while they both experienced the same ‘sugar spike’ from their treats when we got home, Grace is still trying to calm her little self down in bed as I type this whereas Jack walked up to me and said “Mommy, I wanna take a nap.”

As a baby Jack was late to roll over, late to crawl, late to walk…we couldn’t rush him if we tried (and we tried).

He’s cautious, he’s deliberate. And he’s perfect just the way he is.

How about Luke? Oh boy, we have a feeling about him. Something along the lines of

Hang on Mom and Dad, I may pass out easy now…but just you wait.

 Stay little baby boy. For as looooong as possible.

Happy Halloween everyone, and this concludes 31 Days of Pinspiration 🙂

(woot woot!)