This is my submission photo for this month’s Rock the Shot ( challenge: Motherhood

I will never forget what it was like nursing my first child.  From that statement you might assume I’m about to tell you what a beautiful and amazing experience it was but no, it was quite the contrary.

It hurt.  Like crazy.

I was scared. I asked for help but still felt helpless.

She was hungry and it felt like she ate non-stop. I cried.

Did I mention it hurt?

But I was determined and eventually I toughened up and it did in fact become the amazing experience that I hoped it would be.  Mind you, I was still somewhat neurotic first time mom and had to have things ‘just so’.  I had to have my Boppy. I had to hold her just right using both arms.  I had to be sitting in just the right position, in just the right chair.  No one could get too close, God forbid you bump me.

Fast forward to baby #3 where I could literally walk around and do things with my ‘free hand’ while nursing him.  My nerves were a thing of the past.  It still hurt but I knew it would stop hurting.  I was a wiser mom I guess you could say.

I was reminded of all of this when I saw this photo from my recent session.  A new Mom of 3, she is relaxed and enjoying the moment, despite it’s chaos.  These two were literally jumping off of furniture around her and she didn’t flinch.  Way to go Momma, you’re officially a pro.