When I recently moved my boys into their new room I was determined to come up with some unique (and inexpensive) ways to decorate and make it special to them. Since they love to play with their little dinosaurs figures I started brainstorming on how to somehow incorporate them.

I grabbed my camera and brought the little guys outside with me into the garden. I posed each one of them in a different spot and the results were beyond my expectations.

So. Stinkin. Cute. (and ferocious of course)



It had just finished raining outside so everything was still damp rich in color.


My little front garden was suddenly transformed into Jurassic park.


They were such a hit with the kids that Grandma made a game out of some that I had printed off in the wrong size. They even gave each of them names. I think that guy above is ‘Raspberry’. This next one might be Cupcake…I’ll have to double check (the kids must have been hungry for lunch).



I framed them in Ikea Ribba frames for $1.99 each. I just printed them off on some thick brochure paper that I have and bam, done.


My total cost for this project was around $18.


So what do your kiddos love to play with that you could do a similar project with? I would love to see what you come up with!

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