The theme for week 2 of Project 52 was ‘Fresh’.

Immediately I thought of the kids fresh from the bath or a nap, but then I remembered this photo that my ‘cheeky’ brother in law provided for me when I took some shots of their family a few weeks ago and suddenly nothing else would do.

Take a look

Nice (or has he would say “noice”)

Thanks for that Mike…way to keep it alive and get fresh with my sister.

Here’s a few more photos from that day.  Tommy is my gorgeous little nephew who literally ran circles around me.  The boy DOES. NOT. STOP.

Well, he did actually stop for a quick kiss from Momma

I wanted to get a shot or two that would show off his stunning blue eyes but do you think he looked at me even once? Nope.

Permanently on the move this one.  If I could catch him, I would squeeze him and kiss him he’s so dang cute.

Hiding in this next pic is my future niece or nephew.

She’s graciously agreed to let me take some maternity pictures so stay tuned.

Love you guys.