Confession time.

I was going to let Halloween decorating sorta ‘slip by’ this year.  We’re a bit crazy busy and despite the fact that I went all out last year I just wasn’t feelin’ it this year.  But I didn’t take one thing into consideration…I now have kids of the age that remember that we have decorations and suddenly they started to notice the Halloween vibe was missing from our house.

So I got out the bucket…and the fun began



 I spread out the decorations a bit more this year. Here’s the mantle above the TV


My new favorite corner


I suddenly noticed some stuff was missing and had a sneaking suspicion…sure enough I walked into Grace’s room and saw this above her bed


I used this dresser in our front entry…


Creepy Spiders!


Speaking of spiders, I made these little guys for Jack’s preschool class for next week.


I found them on Pinterest, and the detailed directions on how to make them are here

These were perfect because I needed ‘cute’ not creepy or scary, given that they are for 3 and 4 year olds!


Basically I melted chocolate chips in the microwave and used a sandwich bag as a piping bag.  My first few attempts were, uh…laughable.  They looked a bit more like medusa than a spider.  But after some practice they started to evolve…


I even experimented with some bats…


So cute and fun!


What are you cooking up for Halloween??