Every year a dear friend of mine throws a ‘Letters to Santa’ party. It’s no joke folks…she goes ALL OUT.  It’s so much fun, the kids have a blast writing and decorating their letters to Santa with the tons of craft supplies that she sets out.  Her house is decorated and it’s somewhat of a pot luck brunch with an abundance of delicious food.

So why weren’t we there Saturday morning?  Because we were at the Doctor getting Grace a dose of steroids for her croup. Boooo.  Jack was not far behind, so far Luke has snubbed his nose at it.  You go little man.

That night Grace was feeling a little better so she asked me “Mommy, can we go now to Anneka’s house to write letters to Santa?”

Ohhh, think my heart broke just a little.

I couldn’t just say no and leave it at that so immediately I thought, why not do our own letters to Santa party?

So this morning I busted out the Craft supplies

And the kids got to it (ahem, the kids and Daddy that is 🙂

Dear Santa…

Hey, what about me??

All I want for Christmas is free reign of the house…what’s in here??

Out came the glitter pens

And well, despite barking coughs and runny noses, we had a pretty good time (and kept our germs to ourselves)

“Dear Santa

1. Earrings

2. Dream Lite

3. Baby Alive


(Personally, I’m diggin the furry blue eyeball.)

“Dear Santa, 

I have been a very good boy this year. Can I please have the following:

1. Buzz Lightyear

2. Woody

3. Jesse

4. Bullseye

Love, Jack”

What can I say, the boy loves Toy Story.