He loves green olives, and dried seaweed…but can’t stand bacon.

He plays and fights with equal passion with his big sister and little brother.

And the littlest brother? He can do no wrong. He’s got Jack wrapped around his little finger…

He dodges your hand if you go to pat him on the back or touch his head…but in just the right rare moment he will snuggle, and stay there, and it’s heaven.

He’s smart…like crazy smart. Like, we are thanking the good Lord for Google so we can simply answer all his questions…and he’s 7.

That’s right – my boy turned 7. And we couldn’t be more proud of the young man he is becoming.

Curious, thoughtful, kind hearted, sensitive, handsome and now he plays the guitar! (you’re welcome future wife)

(all clothing by Target)

We love you big buddy.