As I pulled down the long driveway I became increasingly excited.  Not only because I hadn’t seen my friend in a couple of years, but because I was getting to see her pregnant, with twins!  She lives in the mountains so I had all kinds of ideas for photos around her home, in the ‘woods’.

It didn’t take more than a few minutes to realize that I really didn’t even want her walking up or down the stairs.  She was so tired, out of breath.  I concluded that growing two babies truly is twice as hard.  But you would never know it, at 29 weeks pregnant she looked just beautiful.


Needless to say I did not make her hike through the woods for me.  Instead I told her to cuddle on her porch swing.

gschwend-maternity-blog-2I’m sure it’s not often that your photographer tells you to lay against your roofline.



gschwend-maternity-blog-5So why is this post titled ‘just in time’? I received a message from her late the next night.  Early that morning she had delivered her two beautiful babies by emergency c-section.

gschwend-maternity-blog-6Goosebumps…everywhere.  Everyone is healthy, but the babies need prayers to get stronger each day as they will be in the NICU for probably the next two months.



My sweet friend, I can’t wait to meet those babies and photograph your new family once you’re all home together – xoxo