“Mommy, hug hug!”

I was putting her to bed and as I began to walk away to turn off the light she asked for a hug. I walked over to her and stretched up to her on her loft bed for the hug.

“I just wanna hug you forever, I never want to let go” she says “can we hug for just one more minute?”


There are so many reasons that I’m not a perfect mom but I assure you one thing – I know what I have here.


One day you have this baby and your heart is bursting and people told you but you just had no idea.


And then one day she’s 6.  And she’s spectacular. And challenging. And beautiful. And it’s all so much for your heart to bear because it’s not just about feeding her and keeping her warm and snuggling anymore…now it’s about her heart and soul.


And then you remember who’s child she really is. And remember that He is perfect in His love. There is nothing to fear here.


She lost her other front tooth recently and it was a bit traumatic for her. So the Tooth Fairy sprinkled some magic fairy dust on her eyes and nose to help her be brave the next time she loses a tooth. When she read this her eyes just sparkled. Moments later I caught her standing on the couch.

“What are you doing honey? Don’t stand on the couch like that”

“Mommy I want to see if the fairy dust will make me fly!!!”

I didn’t say a word as she leapt off the couch.

Who am I to say she can’t fly?


We love you Gracie. Happy Birthday love.