This boy.

Where do I begin?

Hi smile. It starts there. His smile puts a spell on you…I’m pretty sure there’s 3 dimples there but I can’t be positive because I can’t stop staring at his eyes. They’re dark as night but somehow they sparkle and captivate.

He’s pretty much the happiest baby on the planet, except when he first wakes up. That’s a different story that requires at minimum 15 minutes of carrying him around. But don’t sit down – “Mom you have to walk” And don’t offer milk “I want milk….NOOOOOOO I do-wan milk!” (proceeds to throw milk across the room). Basically, you can’t win. He’s Boss Baby.

Need to remember someone’s name?  Just ask Levi. He remembers everyone…and their dog (no joke). Need to smile? Just turn on some music. He literally can’t help himself and moves to the beat.  Any beat. Need your heart melted?  Just make him smile.

That smile.

He just recently grew out of “I wanna carry you” and “Sit on my lap” (as he pats your lap) and now speaks full, clear sentences. He thinks he’s one of the big kids and follows them wherever they go. He loves to be read to, to snuggle (briefly and only on his terms but still…) and he loves this big beautiful family that he completes.

Happy birthday my sweet boy – you are now 2 going on 13. You are a force to be reckoned with. Love you.