Typically when I set out to make dinner for the family I’m searching for a recipe that is fast and easy. Risotto, well it’s actually neither. But every once in awhile I crave this rich, savory dish to satisfy my comfort food craving.

It’s time consuming.

It’s high maintenance.

It’s worth it.



I used this Tyler Florence recipe and adapted as I went along with the ingredients that I had and some ‘healthier’ changes I wanted to make.

To start, I only had white mushrooms.


I needed to verify that the ingredients were gluten free.  I also wanted to eliminate the butter and some of the parmesan. I replaced the butter with coconut oil and used half of the parmesan. I added some creamy, tangy flavor with something that our nutritionist told us is easier on our bellies: goat milk. Stay with me.

Serves 6-8


7 C. Vegetable or chicken stock (verify ingredients to make sure it’s gluten free)

1 C. Goat milk (if you don’t have this or would rather not use it just increase your stock to 8 cups)

3 Tbsp. Olive Oil

1/2 Onion diced

2 Tbsp minced garlic

2 Tbsp Coconut Oil

2 Bay leaves

2 Tbsp fresh thyme (I use lemon thyme from my herb garden – yum!)

1 lb Sliced mushrooms (I used the white which take on the flavors you add)

2 C. Arborio Rice

1/2 C. dry white wine or cooking wine

1/4 C. – 1/2 C Parmesan Cheese


Heat your broth and goat milk in a saucepan and keep warm.

Heat 1 Tbsp of oil and add your onions. Cook for about 1 minute and then add your garlic.  Garlic can burn quickly so I typically add a little later.  Once mixture is translucent, add your coconut oil, herbs and mushrooms. Once mushrooms begins to brown add salt and pepper and cook for another few minutes.  Turn down the heat but keep warm. Don’t forget to remove the bay leaves.

In a large skillet, heat remaining oil and add the rice. Cook for a couple of minutes, coating the rice with the oil. Add wine and cook until wine is gone. Using a ladle, add the warm stock/milk mixture about 1 cup at a time. Stir frequently to avoid uneven cooking. Once liquid is absorbed, add another scoop. Periodically salt and pepper to taste. Continue until all liquid is gone and your rice is completely cooked. This can take 45 minutes or so depending on your heat. Don’t try to rush this stage, your end result will be the wrong consistency. It should ultimately be creamy but not too soupy.

Add your mushroom mixture to the risotto. Add parmesan. Stir until melted. Serve hot!

***Cooking Confession – I actually used part brown rice because I didn’t have enough arborio. This resulted in a texture that was part creamy, part al dente which we liked and ultimately made it a little bit healthier.