First, in case you don’t know me, let me introduce myself.

I’m Jennifer. A Colorado native, wife to Jared, momma to 4 wildlings and professional photographer. I believe in wholeheartedly in authenticity, transparency, spicy food and any delivery service that makes my life easier (truth). In our home we do our best to recycle, eat healthy and live naturally (this is all to help offset the reeeeeeally long hot showers we take). This all being said, I’ll move on to the subject at hand, my hair.

At the risk of sounding braggadocious – I will just tell you that I’ve been blessed with a great head of hair. There’s plenty of other aspects of my appearance that present multiple challenges but my hair…it’s always been good to me. I was born strawberry blonde and maintained that until having babies which (coupled with age)  turned it more auburn. It’s fine in texture, but I have a TON of it. My very first ‘real job’ was as a receptionist at Cost Cutters at the ripe age of 16 and since the it’s been engrained into my brain to only use salon products on my hair. I have spared no expense ya’ll. Friends used to comment on how shiny my hair was…and always how thick!

Well time has a way of catching up to us…here’s how my hair slowly started to betray me:

  • After having my daughter almost 10 years ago, I started to experience dry scalp. I’ve tried everything, but whatever I tried just seemed to weigh the rest of my hair down or simply not work. I accepted it.
  • I’ve always kept my hair long but about a year ago I felt my hair wasn’t looking healthy so I cut a good few inches off. It helped a little but I just felt like no matter what product I was using, it felt dry, and lifeless. I couldn’t get it to style the way I wanted it to.
  • Next, in the last few months, came the hair loss. Now I’ve experienced hair loss after having each of my 4 kids, but my youngest is now 2 1/2 so there’s literally NO REASON I could think of at this point that my hair would be coming out like this. As I’ve mentioned, I have hair to spare but it was still grossing me out in the shower.
  • No style. About one out of every 5 times I styled my hair did I actually like it. Enter: beanies, fedoras, mom buns galore.

Excuse the selfie but it’s all I got, here’s my hair right before starting Monat:

This is ALL with spending big bucks for high end salon products. Feeling frustrated, I started to notice some fellow photographers posting about this product Monat. It was no more expensive than what I was already using so I thought what the heck. I mean, they were RAVING about it and these are women who are highly successful in their photography businesses so I didn’t see any reason why they would be pushing something they didn’t truly love.

Being the skeptic that I am, I placed a retail order (meaning I didn’t sign up to be a VIP and get the 15% discount). My friend recommended the Fab 4 (Rejuvenique oil, Black 2 in 1 Shampoo, Renew Shampoo and Revitalize Conditioner). I chose to be cheap, and think that I knew better, and I didn’t get the oil.

First couple of washes, my hair felt a little heavy, almost like maybe I didn’t get all the product out (this is detox – feel free to ask me about this). Then it got better and I was liking it…until my ends started to look really dry and my whole head was staticky. Hmmmm, feeling frustrated I went into the Monat group on Facebook and learned about the porosity test (determining how porous your hair is by putting two strands of clean hair in a bowl of water and seeing if it floats or sinks). Turns out – my hair isn’t porous at all!  Floated right on top of the water, didn’t sink one bit. As a result I switched to the Revive Shampoo and finally plunked down for the oil.

Oh. My. Heck.

My hair felt light, and soft.

My sweet husband loves to play with my hair while I’m driving. A couple of weeks ago he said to me “your hair feels really soft!”. He’s now on the Black Shampoo himself and a complete believer. He shaves his head because of thinning so I’m excited to see what the results will be in a few weeks.

I wore my hair straight the other day (which I rarely do) and my neighbor and friend (Hi Jess) who sees me all the time, told me how great my hair looked. Imagine how silly I feel saying “Oh thanks! I use Monat have you heard of it?” Ugh, sounds so “sales-y”. I’m horrible at it. But here I am…telling you ALL – this stuff is the bomb.

So you might be thinking…

Is it expensive? Compared to store bought products, yes (although it’s WAY more concentrated so you truly use less). Compared to salon products it’s about the same (in a lot of cases less, especially if you sign up as a VIP or become a partner). I’m the kind of person who LOVES to save money. I scour the internet for hours researching and looking for the best deals. But there are certain things that are just WORTH spending good money on and in my humble opinion your hair is one of those things. This product is worth every penny.

How long until my hair is better? This depends. For most people, right away. But some people experience a much longer detox and want to give up before it really works. DON’T GIVE UP!  Reach out to me first so I can help you work through it, and also make sure you’re using the correct products for your hair.

Tell me a little about this company? Monat stands for ‘Modern Nature’ and describe themselves as a botanically based, anti-aging hair care line clinically proven to reduce the signs of aging, repair damage, promote growth and restore your hair to its most healthy state.  For me, the ‘all natural’ part is icing on the cake. 

What if I order and hate the products? 30 day money back guarantee baby.

Should I just order what you use? Not necessarily. Instead, reach out to me and tell me about your hair, I’ll help you figure out which products you need!  Even better, before reaching out to me do the porosity test on your hair so you can give me that info.

I’m sold, where do I buy? You can order here ( but be sure to reach out to me ( if you have any questions about which products to order.

Here’s to good hair friends!!!

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