Okay it’s not the corner office most people imagine, but it’s my space and I LOVE it.  I was constantly moving from the kitchen table to the couch to the bar…ugh – not productive.  We don’t have an extra room for an office (plus I need to be in the thick of things with the kids). Since our bedroom already doubles as Jared’s office I had to keep looking around for where I could make myself an office. I found it!

There was a corner of the dining room that I purposely didn’t show you because…



 This is what used to be here


My grandparents first tv cabinet that we used as a liquor cabinet (and extra toy storage).  Considering we opened it approximately never, I decided this would be my my new corner office.

I bought this table from Ikea for $20.  I didn’t think I would need anything else but who was I kidding…I got STUFF to hide.  So I went back to the big blue store and got the rolling cabinet for $40.


Then I commissioned some local artists to decorate my walls.  The female artist drew a portrait of me, the boy named Jack drew some minions (clearly inspired by Despicable Me).


I couldn’t be more pleased 🙂

So this is it – where all the photo and blogging magic happens!


Wondering where in your house to set up shop? Don’t underestimate the value of an underused corner!