By far, the most fun year ever decorating the Christmas Tree.

Last year, I was hugely pregnant and basically did my best to shoot some video from my spot on the couch. Jack thought that the fragile ball ornaments from my childhood should bounce so we had a few casualties before he caught on. Grace had fun.

But this year, this year kinda catapulted to a whole new level. Can’t explain it.

I’ll let the pictures say it all

Hmmm, which one do I pick next

Oooo!  Look at this one Mommy!

Cousin Tommy was there to help

And Aunt Jackie did her best to keep Luke from undoing his brother and sister’s work

For the finale, Grace got to do the topper.

Proud moment

So what does a tree look like when it’s decorated by a 4 year old and 2 year old?

Well…maybe a little off kilter

And a little crowded

But kinda perfekt.