If you happened to see my post on my daughter’s room reveal, you might remember these pinwheel flowers I have hanging on her wall.


I actually made these for her 3rd birthday party (she’s 6 now!) as a decoration but I loved them so much I used them in her room. What I love so much about them is that they fit in her room now just as well as they did when she was 3.

I thought I would share the super simple tutorial on how I made these.


Start by choosing you paper. You could do any type really, from wrapping paper to scrapbook paper. I used scrapbook paper because it’s nice and thick and already comes in a square shape. Get two squares of equal size.



Start by folding the end over of one of your pieces. My folds are about an inch wide but it’s up to you.


Flip it over and fold again like an accordion. Just follow the same size as your original fold.



Repeat until you have the whole paper folded and then do the same thing with your other sheet.


Next, fold both of your accordions in half. Take the two end that meet and either glue (hot glue, glue stick) or staple them together.

paper-pinwheel-flower-tutorial-5Repeat with the other accordion

paper-pinwheel-flower-tutorial-4Now ‘fan’ open your papers and align one end from each paper together. Staple or glue.



Bring the other two ends together and fix those together as well.




You’re done! If you want to add an embellishment to the center the sky is the limit. I’ve used other pieces of scrapbook paper, buttons, flowers, pins…a great place to shop is the clearance bin of any craft store. I used hot glue to fasten it.

paper-pinwheel-flower-tutorial-10 You’ll notice I did all different sizes too.


I happen to love the itty bitty ones 🙂


To hang them, I used skinny, long nails. But you could also use wall hanging putty.

Have fun! Let me know how it goes…