I was talking to another Mom the other day who has kids similar in age to ours. She was telling me how just recently, her little girl (2) started correctly pronouncing her big brother’s name instead using of her own creative version (which they had all lovingly adopted).  Mom was sad…and I get it.

Jack, who was somewhat quiet from the get-go, is now chatty.  The best part is the way he talks, he uses ‘W’ or ‘L’ instead of ‘R’ and it makes us smile every time.

“Whez Glacie?”

She’s at school today.

“Do I go to plee-school tomowo?”

Yes buddy, you do get to go to preschool tomorrow.


Just as long as they promise to send home the EXACT same boy that I drop off in the morning.



Sorry Luke, you absolutely MAY NOT go to plee-school. You’re stuck at home with Mom and Dad buddy.


1st day of preschool for our sweet, handsome boy.


***I’m writing this on 9/11 and what was intended to be a simple post to document his first day of school has instead choked me up the whole way through.  On 9/11 I had no children.  So today as I look back and remember every feeling I had that morning I realize the depth of what every parent must have felt.  I think of those children whose parents dropped them off at preschool that morning but were never able to pick them up.

I am so grateful the life God has blessed me with since that day, for my beautiful family.