It’s day 6 of our 11 day vacation.

We’ve traveled far in just about every mode of transportation I can think of. We’ve eaten well, slept in, done just the perfect amount of ‘touristy’ things, fought, laughed hard, lived in pj’s and swimsuits, felt homesick, turned golden brown (except for me, I’m just a darker shade of white) and spent the majority of our time in one body of water or another. With the exception of the arrival of my vertigo this morning…I wouldn’t change a thing.

If you’re ever traveling to San Antonio I highly recommend staying at the Mokara. I always wonder what people think when they see us coming…a mom carrying a toddler with three more kids in tow followed by her legally blind husband. The staff at this hotel didn’t blink an eye…the service was exceptional, the location on the Riverwalk is fantastic and the rooftop pool, well you can SEE how much we loved it.

I can fly!

So can I!

I think they would have slept in the pool if I had let them.

This is right after the moment that Levi jumped off the side of the pool because he saw his brothers and sister do it and well, he thinks he’s invincible! Jared had to fish him out…crazy baby!

Obligatory tourist attraction. But seriously, do you know the story of the Alamo?  Truly remarkable. I’m so proud of these kiddos for listening to at least 22 out of the 33 points on their audio tour…way to hang in there!

Every time we ate out we held our breath wondering if this one would throw a tantrum. He’s now known time out in several random locations along the Riverwalk. For whatever reason he graced us with good behavior at the most AMAZING restaurant Biga on the Banks. People even came up to us to compliment us on our beautiful, well-behaved children (to which I promptly replied ‘we better get the check before you change your mind!). But seriously…YUM.

While I’m here I’ll be doing another small photo shoot of Grace in Park Hill Designs but on this night I couldn’t resist snapping this pic of Jack in his new shirt…she’s made a few items now for boys and he LOVES his shirt!

After 3 nights we rented our big ol Suburban (I so need one of these) and headed to the beach. 4.5 hours took closer to 6.5 because…4 children. But we didn’t care, we were so happy to spread out in this gorgeous home that belongs to Jared’s Aunt and Uncle. Within 24 hours we hit three different beaches. Padre has just about everything to offer. We started on the bay side which was basically like a giant bath for Levi.

Then the kids starting collecting hermit crabs and putting the into one of the little ponds.

Just like splashing around in mud puddles…

Definitely Grace’s favorite beach so far…not necessarily Mommy’s.

Today we headed north as far as the road would take us. Then we drove right over the sand dunes to find our perfect spot right on the beach.

Levi LOVED the waves…and tried to follow his brothers on their body surfing adventures…

No hermit crabs though so not Grace’s favorite.

All the boys’ favorite though.

Grace begged to go back to the bay side so we piled in the car and wild man fell right asleep. He slept right through the entire next beach adventure…

You could practically walk a mile out into this water and it would still only be up to your knees!

Well there’s always tomorrow little buddy…