This past wednesday was Grace’s last day as a preschooler.  Lucky for us we had very little time to hang our heads and cry over how time flies because we had to turn around and get ready for her dance recital at Cleo Parker Robinson.

I love to watch these girls behind the scenes.  There’s a perception out there that dancers are graceful, dignified and beautiful.  This is true, but they are many other things as well.

They are divas


They are obsessed with practicing, practicing, practicing (the esteemed ‘Ring Around the Rosie’ in this case)


They are artistic in all areas of their life


They are obsessed with stretching


 They are always posing


 They incessantly study their craft…


 as seen here with this group of dancers watching the original performance of ‘Rio’


 But more than anything, they are creatures of beauty who make their mom and dad’s hearts leap out of their chests

rio-dance-photos-4We are so very proud of you Grace