I was just in the mood to take pictures of everything today. Maybe it was that you boys are finally starting to feel a teensy bit better after being sick for a week. Maybe it was because it was a day where we just let it plans, no leaving the house while we all heal our coughs. Regardless, I just kept picking up my phone and decided that I would document: Today.

You boys had a mid-day bath, we thought it would help you relax and go down for a much needed nap. Luke you were happy in there for about 3 1/2 minutes and then made an early exit. Daddy had to drag you out of there Jack (or rather just drain the water on you!). As you can see there is no toy left behind when it’s bath time, every single one makes it in there.


Luke you just wanted Momma (allllllll week long).

“Eatchoo Momma eatchoo”

So I bundled you up and held you.

My Nordic King.


As I passed through the kitchen this beauty caught my eye. Any day now…


After a failed nap, Grace you decided you wanted to paint. Of course the first thing that goes through this very un-cool momma’s mind is what a mess it’s gonna make and how I don’t particularly want to deal with it.

But do you think you cared Grace?

See for yourself.


Turns out it was a genius idea. You all loved it and took it so seriously!


The result was to good to toss. I let them dry then promptly thumb-tacked them to the wall in the kitchen I’ve been wondering what the heck to do with.


Dinner was a struggle for you my sleep deprived Jack Jack. You were upset about everything and informed us you weren’t going to eat at all.

“Oh, good” I said, “I didn’t want you to grow anyway”

You promptly picked up your fork and started shoveling it in all the while suppressing an “I’ll show you” smile.

And you did show me.

Right after you finished you showed us that now you’re “4”.dayinthelife8

Dangit, I’m pretty sure you did grow.

Soon it was time for bed. We all sat on the couch and watched a bit of ‘Croods” while Daddy brushed out Grace’s hair after the bath.


Jack, you saw the moon out the window

“Mom I see the moon…it’s circle-ly”

Why yes, yes it is circle-ly

dayinthelife9Goodnight moon.

Goodnight my crazy sweet munchkins.