I had the privilege of witnessing my newest nephew Danny being born this past Monday.

Early that morning it looked like things were progressing quickly so I grabbed my camera and headed to the hospital.  Before I left I took a quick photo of Tommy to capture him in his last moments of being an only child.  Needless to say he was unaware his world was about to be rocked.


When I arrived the contractions were already in full swing.  My little sister may be tiny in stature but don’t be fooled, she was a warrior momma I’m proud to be her sister.



It was just over a year ago that I gave birth to Luke so I had such empathy for her pain.  Her husband Mike was the prefect partner. While it appears that they’re having a sweet slow dance…much to the contrary – she was experiencing full blown labor pains.


Hours later and still no baby boy.  ‘Grandma’, ‘Papoo’, Mike and I all waited anxiously, passing the time talking and texting. Notice Papoo wore his snazzy shoes to meet his new grandson.



I like to call this the ‘please Jesus get this baby out of me’ pose.  I told that to Jackie and she said “I think that’s exactly what I was saying at that moment!”


Finally, much to the relief of all of us suffering watching her in pain (I know – poor us) she was exhausted and ready for an epidural.

Left: The Godsend Anesthesiologist

Right: Ahhhhh, temporary relief.


Not too much later it was go time


Papoo initially waited in the hallway anxiously


Where is that Doctor????


At 2:52 pm a sweet but BIG boy, Danny (or Daniel depending on which parent you ask) Eamonn finally came into this world.  He entered quietly but eventually found his voicedannybirth-23

In Daddy’s arms for the fist time


The nurse actually weighed him twice, thinking there had to be a mistake when 9lbs 5 oz came up on the scale. Not to mention 21.25 inches in length. No newborn clothes for this baby!


The details…so gorgeous



Baby fur


Wrinkly just out of his ‘9 month bath’ fingers


Papoo stole some snuggles while mom and Dad started spreading the good news (and Jackie began to refuel with the first of her 3 or 4 dinners)


Then the crowds came



And finally, the brothers meet

dannybirth-20And while there were certainly sweet moments where Tommy counted Danny’s toes, or gave him a little kiss on the head…the reality is he was more preoccupied with eating Mom’s mac and cheese.

He is 2 after all.


What a beautiful set of boys you two have made.  I love you guys!!!