When my Mom called a couple of weeks ago to ask if Grace would like to be a ‘sheep’ in her Chorus’ Christmas Concert  (Skyline Chorus: Sweet Adelines) I have to admit I hesitated.  Not because we weren’t available. Not because Grace wouldn’t like it. But because I knew…I’d have to make a costume.

(cue horror movie music)

“It’ll be easy” my Mom said.

Deep breath. Whenever anyone tells me how easy something is I am immediately suspicious and generally want to turn around and run away. I’m all about cute costumes when someone else makes them.  But I couldn’t say no so I googled sheep costumes and decided to take the plunge.

Then she called back.

“Do you think Jack would want to be a sheep too?”

Why not.

So 3 giant bags of cotton balls, a bajillion sticks of hot glue and a butchered cut up/sewn up pillowcase later, we had two sheep.

Turns out Jack wasn’t too keen on the idea of being on stage.

So after the ‘dress rehearsal’ he quickly shed his fleece and joined us in the Audience.

We watched Grandma sing (she’s 3rd from the left).

Then brother and sister reunited after the concert.

A seamstress I am not.

But luckily I knew I could count on these two to crank up the cuteness factor.

Dang they’re cute.