My girl.

(climbing onto her ‘stage’ to perform for Daddy and I)


A couple of days ago she woke up crying. It was earlier than usual so Jared put her into bed with me and she snuggled right in. I could hear a soft little sob.

“What’s wrong honey?”

“I had a bad dream. I dreamt that I was never ever gonna see you again”

My gut wrenched.  Where did this come from?

“Honey that’s not gonna happen.  I’m not going anywhere.”  I kissed her head and we both fell back asleep.


Fast forward 2 days and she was watching a movie in my bed.  It was one that she had borrowed from a friend at preschool ‘Ponyo’ and had taken to it immediately.  At one point however, she called me into the room and asked if I would watch the next part with her because it was “too scary.”  I told her I would just fast forward through that part but she said no, she just wanted me to stay.  I watched and waited.  I expected a monster, or a witch, or some other evil/bad guy (Disney can really cross the line sometimes no?) to make its way into the screen.  But instead, as the scene unfolded there were none of the obvious ‘scare tactics’, but rather just a boy who was looking for his mother.

“Here it is Mommy, here’s the scary part.”

The little boy found his Mom’s car and ran up to it calling out to her.  He opened the door and kept calling her name.  But she wasn’t there.  There was no sign of his Mom.  And he starting weeping.

That was the scene. And suddenly it all made sense.  Her nightmare…she was afraid losing her momma.


We worry about so many things when it comes to our kids. Are we giving them everything they need?  Enough activities? Enough playtime?  Enough discipline?  Enough education?

But you know what? All they need is you. I promise.

Enjoy it while it lasts.