I have a new insecurity.

I’ve noticed lately that when I’m in a crowd, I feel like I’ve lost my social mojo.  My brain feels slow and sluggish, my ‘wit’ is depleted. It feel like my mind goes blank and what comes out of my mouth is…uninteresting.

I’m socially defunct.

So if you’ve hung out with me in the last couple of months, please accept my apology if I seemed off, or rude (my filter is missing, I think Jack might have thrown it away…he throws everything away), or boring. Know that I’m aware of my current affliction and acceptance is the first step right?

Now to get to the cause of this embarrassing problem.  I think I can pinpoint it. I think it’s the people I hang out with all day.  It’s crazytown here folks.  Feel free to stop by any time if you’re curious or don’t believe me.

You may just see something like this:

Yes, that’ me giggling in the background.  The madness makes me giggle – it’s my defense mechanism.

So anyway, I’m sure someday soon Jared and I will wisen up and get a standing Friday night babysitter so we can venture out of the house and I can sharpen my social skills again.  But until then, please accept my apology for my temporary insanity.