This is our son Jack.


He’s sweet.

He’s funny.

He’s peculiar.

He’s all kinds of awesome.

He’s 3…and lately he’s been reminding us of all that entails.

He has an older sister who goes to Kindergarten full day and gets to do all kinds of cool stuff.  He has a little brother who steals the spotlight every chance he can get. Some days, well it’s just tough being Jack.

So this past weekend when Grace got to spend the night at her cousins house, I decided we’d take Jack out on a date. Just the three of us.


We dropped off Luke at my sister’s house and headed to CPK for some pizza. Jack got to coloring right away.



At one point Daddy and I got a little too deep into our conversation and so Jack dove into Daddy’s arm and reminded us…


that this night was about Jack.


See it’s easy to get distracted in the madness that is raising young kids. In order to survive working from home you literally have to learn to block out the noise at times. But sometimes it’s important to listen to what’s going on, hear what your kids are trying to tell you through their actions.

He was telling us he needed us. He needed to not share us for one night. He needed us to plug in.

After dinner we went to the movies. He picked out gummy bears.


He was such a good boy.


Of course while I try to pass this off as something that is so special and important for him, we might have loved it even more than he did.

Plus Daddy got a nice nap out of it.


It’s definitely a new tradition for us.

Love you buddy.