A few weeks back I posted my Boys’ Room Reveal and also talked about how it was just the beginning of decluttering and simplifying our home. Perhaps the room that needed it the most, was my sweet girl’s room. It was always a mess.

So we went through her toys and chose a bunch to donate. Didn’t work.

We would give her goals if she could keep her room clean then she would get something special. Didn’t work.

We tried every night to pick stuff up before bedtime. Still. Didn’t. Work.

That room wasn’t just getting the best of her, it was getting the best of me too. I couldn’t seem to figure it out? It felt like there was hardly any stuff in there and yet…ugh.

So I went drastic.


When we switched the kids’ rooms, I moved her out. I literally moved everything of hers into the garage. EVERY, single thing.

Think about it, the last time you moved…how much ‘stuff’ did you get rid of? How much easier was it for you to figure out what you really need and love? If you’re dealing with a room that overwhelms you, move out, then move back in.

Next I went in and painted the walls of her new room. I shampooed the carpets – it was spotless. Then I ever so carefully chose what to bring back in. I was brutal. Turns out, about half of her stuff didn’t make the cut which was crucial because her new room is much smaller. For instance, I had her choose between her Ikea spinning chair and the Barbie House (that she never played with).

You can see what won that battle.

girls-room-reveal-11Her bed is simple where it used to be cluttered. We don’t use a top sheet because, well she doesn’t really need one! I bought an Ikea wardrobe and where ‘stuff’ used to sit on her vanity, now it’s behind closed doors. I also had fun adding a little personalization to her wardrobe. I reused the framed scrapbook paper that was in her old room. I also dismantled her old easel (which I’ve already repurposed a couple times) which took up a ton of space originally, cut the whiteboard to size and now it’s on her door.

girls-room-reveal-4I replaced the boring handles with knobs I found at Hobby Lobby and they happened to be on sale. The rose garland that drapes down the side of her wardrobe also from Hobby Lobby, in the wedding section, also on sale.

girls-room-revealThe toy basket that holds her few special stuffed animals and toys was $5.99 at Ross. The heart rug was a gift from her Auntie, originally from Target.


I recycled the pinwheels and hanging hearts that were also in her old room.

girls-room-reveal-5I kept the bookshelves on the back of the door from when it was the boys’ room. Now they hold her ‘ValueTales’ book series that were mine when I was a little girl (anyone else have these?).


Despite the fact that this is a basement bedroom, the fact that I used a lot of white (walls/furniture) plus the fact that it’s uncluttered somehow makes it feel bright and cheery.


I thought out every inch of her room. Some of the decorations were even from her nursery, such as the birds wall hanger.


I actually wouldn’t even let her down to peek until I was all finished. She slept upstairs for a couple of days until I was ready for the big reveal.


When I finally brought her down, she LOVED it!  I gave her a detailed tour and showed her that everything had a place. Her closet is completely organized, her vanity now holds stuff she uses and not just junk. And ya know what? She now takes pride in her room. It’s not overwhelming (to either one of us).

It’s funny how when I would go in her old room I thought I had decluttered as much as I could. Little did I know we still had a long way to go. Go figure, when you completely ‘move out’ and start from scratch – voila!!

It worked.

Wanna declutter a room in your house? I highly recommend moving out, and moving back in ‘lighter’.